Declaration on establishing Platform for cooperation between the Green political organizations of the Western Balkans

Taking into account of our common challenges regarding the climate crisis, environmental pollution and biodiversity destruction;
Acknowledging the necessity for Green Just transition from fossil to renewable energy;

Recognizing the corruption and organized crime, which like the pollution exceed the borders of our respected countries, as one of the biggest threats to democracy and the well-being of our citizens;

Firmly committed to respecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms as an essential element of every modern democracy and prosperous society;

Acknowledging the need to maintain peace, stability, security and cooperation in the region;

Highlighting the necessity for accelerated integration of the region into the EU,
We the undersigned Green political organizations from the Western Balkan region hereto agree:

  1.  To establish an operational and functional Platform for cooperation to communicate our individual and joint challenges concerning issues of the domestic and regional Western Balkan policies, as well as to cease the opportunity to accelerate the process of European integration of the region;
  2. To organise joint actions along with other activists aimed at protecting the environment, natural resources and human rights of all our citizens across the region to secure and safeguard clean air, water, and land;
  3.  To educate our citizens and find solutions to reduce poverty and ensure decent life thorugh adequate wages and pension insurance;
  4.  To help strengthen the model of local self-government to have more direct influence on the environment and the protection of basic human rights of its citizens;
  5. Undertake responsibility to further discuss models and structure of this platform that should be established in the following 6 (six) months and the process should result in formation of realistic, but ambitious goals for joint action, structure of this Green platform and written and adopted procedures which should define our further path towards greener, fairer and safer future for the region;

To invite other Green participants from the neighboring countries of the region, who are willing to jointly discuss and seek the solutions for the issues of the mutual concern.
Agreed and signed on 25th March by and between the Green political organizations of the Western Balkans.

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